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How To Join The Food Drive Program

- Contact Program Director Dan Kahn at e-mail address or telephone (518) 506-5491. State your college, geographic location and dates of your final semester week.

- Arrangements will be made to connect you and your college with your local food bank. Time and location will be set for drop-off and pick-up of food bins.

- A sample constitution with guidelines for chapter start-up. (more...)

- There is a checklist for College Liason. (more...)

- Ideas for food donations of high priority to food banks. (more...)

- Information about the regional Food Fight idea. (more...)

- A STUFH logo for use with local informational papers and flyers: jpg or eps.


To establish a STUFH Chapter at your campus, you need only complete two easy steps:

1. Register the Chapter: In order to comply with the regulations of your university, you will most likely need to register your Chapter. You should check with your Student Activities Office or Dean of Student Activities and follow the procedures they provide. Once registered, many colleges and universities have a one day event during orientation when registered organizations recruit members.

2. Contact Your Area Food Bank: Your area food bank would welcome your support and would gladly take steps to assist your efforts to establish a STUFH Chapter. The food bank is the organization you will be working with once you have established the Chapter, so you will want to call them and keep them updated on your progress. If you need help locating your area food bank, view the PARTICIPANTS map for those who have been involved with the program in the past.

The purpose of your local Chapter would be to join the fight against hunger, raise food for the needy in your local community, and increase hunger awareness among your fellow students (Mission). The services your Chapter could provide include (1) organizing conventional food drives at your campus or in your area; (2) hosting competitions or “food fights” between sports teams, between fraternities and sororities, or with other colleges to see who can raise the most food; and/or (3) volunteering at your local food bank or food pantry.

For specific details or questions that are tailored to your own university, please email and you will receive a prompt response.

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