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STUFH logoStudents Team Up To Fight Hunger (STUFH) is a non-profit organization devoted to assisting and inspiring food drives at colleges and universities across the country. The mission of STUFH is to help feed the hungry while at the same time raising awareness among college students about hunger in their local communities. STUFH had its roots in the end-of-year food drive, where college students preparing to leave campus for the summer could donate any unused food rather than discarding it. Since its founding in 1999, STUFH has reported over five million pounds of food raised by colleges throughout the nation through various types of food drives. In the past year, STUFH involved more universities in the fight against hunger and has sponsored innovative food drives including STUFH THE BUS and food fight competitions. STUFH is also proud of its continuing partnership with Circle K International (CKI) with clubs on 450 campuses. Thousands of CKI college students are dedicated to community service and to fighting hunger. STUFH invites colleges and food banks to send their comments, food drive results and photos to our website to inspire other universities to become involved.


Featured News:

2014-15 STUFH Let's Squash Hunger

At Baylor University, the Drive to Hunger Awareness event was created to teach students about the issue of domestic hunger and how they can make a collective impact. A fantastic effort by all involved, all of the donations gathered were distributed amongst the Campus Kitchen at Baylor University partner agencies in the community. Learn more...


NEW STUFH-CKI Ambassador named. Find out more here.A new STUFH-CKI Ambassador has been named. Joren Libunao of the University of California, San Diego will take on activities for the upcoming school year.

Learn more about Joren here.


Alabama vs Auburn food fight graphic"The first year of STUFH at the University of Texas at Austin was a success. We teamed up with the Capital Area Food Bank who provided us with great educational material about food insecurity in Austin and the surrounding areas. Most of our efforts were focused on becoming involved with other organizations on campus and providing food insecurity awareness to the students as well as helping them implement food drives within their organizations. We also held a "Fraternity Food Fight" that consisted of some healthy competition for a good cause and raised several hundred pounds of food. Being involved with STUFH has provided me and others with many memorable experiences and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to become involved with this movement." - 9/14/14


Alabama vs Auburn food fight graphicThe West Alabama and East Alabama Food Banks have been competing with each other for more than thirteen years. Auburn University and the University of Alabama students compete with each other in the weeks prior to the state's biggest football game to see which university can raise the most food for their local food bank. In 2014, the University of Alabama raised 300,049 to Auburn's 198,041 for a grand total of 498,090 pounds to feed the state of Alabama. Martha Henk, of the Food Bank of East Alabama, reminds all participants that "there are NO LOSERS in this competition. Regardless of which school/community wins this competition, the real winners are the people who are fed by the food collected in both communities."

Learn more about the Food Fight efforts


STUFH the Bus

A new creative idea from the University of Central Missouri brings new competitive spirit to your local food drive and charitable efforts. Read about the first ever STUFH the Bus campaign HERE.

Learn how to organize a STUFH the Bus campaign in your area.



CKISTUFH is proud of its partnership with CKI in our mutual mission devoted to fighting hunger in America. Food banks need help more than ever before because of these difficult economic times. CKI clubs around the country are holding food drives throughout the 2014-2015 academic year to raise thousands of pounds of food to help feed the hungry in their own local college communities. Thank you CKI!


Start a ChapterLearn more about starting a chapter here.

"You are a great inspiration to me and tens of thousands of college students across America. Keep up the phenomenal work! Since 2007, with STUFH's hard work and efforts, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has been the receipient of 168,282 pounds from various colleges, schools, and universities.

Although the pounds provided by STUFH are important, the real benefit lies in the partnerships we're building. STUFH gets college students and faculty members actively involved in finding a solution to the growing problem of hunger. STUFH helps us reach young people on a personal level, and sends a reminder to faculty, staff, and the community that the need to feed is a problem that can be solved. We've had student teams take a lead in securing funds, volunteerism, and raising awareness to the problem of hunger in our society. We're happy to be involved with STUFH. Thank you for your dedication!"

- Jeanna Kindle, LA Food Bank

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